How to Watch the US Open Golf Live Without Cable

Cable cutters can enjoy the tournament live through several online streaming services. The good thing about these online streaming sites, Over the Top (OTT) platforms, is that you can follow the tournament from anywhere on your devices as long as you have an active subscription.

Watch the US Open Golf Live Without Cable

1. DirecTV NOW

DirecTV NOW offers customers five-channel packages to choose from; Live a Little ($40/mo), Todo y Mas ($45/mo), Just Right ($55/mo), Go Big ($65/mo) and Gotta Have it ($75/mo). You will be able to follow the US Open Golf live from DirecTV through Fox and Fox Sports 1 which are available from all the bundles; the cheapest to the more costly package.

DirecTV Now gives its users access to over 20 hours of DVR cloud storage for their recording, and this can be further expanded depending on the amount of space you want. The platform also offers a 7-day free trial period across all its packages. It is supported on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs as well as iOS and Android devices and tablets.

2. Sling TV

Users of Sling TV have a chance to pick among three packages; Orange ($25/mo) and the Blue package at $25/mo or a combination of both Orange + Blue at $40/mo. They have tons of exciting and premium channels for your viewing and entertainment. The US Open Golf tournament can be followed from FOX and Fox Sports 1 which are hosted in the Blue and Orange + Blue packages.

Even though Sling TV does not by default offer DVR services for is customers, you can now purchase 50 hours of DVR space at $5/month. Blue users can also get three simultaneous streams from their account while Orange+Blue subscribers get up to four streams per account.

Sling TV has a 7-day trial period and is supported across smart TVs, Chromecast, Air TV player, iOS, Android devices, among others.

3. FuboTV

Fubo TV is the to-go streaming service for all sports fans. The platform allows you to enjoy hundreds of channels giving you four bundles to choose from;  fubo Latino ($17.99/mo), fubo Portuguese ($19.99/mo), fubo ($44.99/mo but you pay $39.99 in the first month) and fubo Extra ($49.99/mo and $44.99 for the first month). FOX and FS1 can be accessed from the fubo and fubo Extra packages.

Fubo TV gives you a 7-day trial period and is supported in smart TVs, Android and Apple devices, among others. The platform allows you to access 30 hours of DVR storage that can be expanded to up to 500 hours at $9.99/month. It allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously but can be expanded to three devices at $5.99 a month.

4. Hulu with Live TV

While Hulu is widely known for its video-on-demand platform, they have a great Live TV feature which is also as good but made for cable cutters. The subscription, which comes in one package, can be purchased at $39.99/month.

FOX and FS1 are among the channels Hulu with Live TV offers, so you do not need to pay any extra coin to watch and follow the US Open Golf tournament as it happens in Pebble Beach. You will also be able to record the competition for your re-watch as Hulu gives you up to 50 hours of DVR storage which is expandable to up to 200 hours for $14.99 a month. While Hulu does not allow simultaneous streaming on their VOD platform, live TV subscribers can stream from two devices simultaneously and stream from an unlimited number of screens at $14.99 a month.

Hulu with Live TV is available on iOS and Android devices, Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, among others and offers a 7-day free trial for new customers.

5. YouTube TV

Golf enthusiasts can also watch the US Open Golf tournament live from YouTube TV whose subscription costs at $40 per month. This, in turn, gives you access to nearly 100 channels and a 7-day free trial period. FOX and Fox Sports 1 are hosted in the platform and can be used to watch the live event. Users have at their disposal a DVR Cloud storage feature with unlimited storage with videos getting deleted after nine months, which is enough time for you to master every stroke by your preferred golfer.

YouTube TV is available on Chromecast, Roku, and other smart TVs, Android and Apple devices, among others.

6. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has continued to garner good reviews from its customers. The streaming platform, owned and controlled by Sony gives its users four bundles to choose from; Access ($44.99/mo), Core ($49.99), Elie ($59.99) and Ultra ($79.99) which are all customizable hence premium channels like ShowTime and HBO can be added. FOX and Fox Sports 1 are offered across all these bundles thus up for your enjoying as we prepare to watch and follow the US Open Golf live tournament.

PlayStation Vue offers 500 programs DVR cloud storage that is available for every 28 days. PlayStation Vue allows users to stream simultaneously from and with up to five screens to ensure your friends and family continue their daily programs as you follow the US Open.

PlayStation Vue can be downloaded and accessed from gaming consoles PS 3 & 4, Smart TVs, Android devices, Apple products, and Roku among other media players and give customers a free 5-day trial period.

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