Rugby World Cup 2019 Opening Ceremony in Japan

Fans of the Rugby World Cup will be happy to know that when they tune in for the opening ceremony in Japan, they will be able to watch live Rugby World Cup action for the entirety of the matches. Japan is happy to be hosting the Rugby World Cup this year and the world will all be celebrating the victories together.

World Cup 2019 Opening Ceremony in Japan

The opening ceremonies this year will be filled with entertainment and music for all fans of Rugby. The opening ceremony will begin at the very begin of the Rugby World Cup. It will be held at the New National Stadium in Tokyo on September 19th.

The Rugby World Cup only happens every four years. This is the event that all rugby teams strive to get into. There are many qualifying matches during the year prior to the World Cup. Teams go head to head for their home countries to see who the best team in the world of rugby is really. This year, there are 20 different teams playing in the Rugby World Cup. There are 48 matches. All of the teams are broken up into pools of teams of five. There are four pools that group different teams. There are two final matches, quarterfinals, semifinals, bronze finals, and the last final match.

The Rugby World Cup is being played at twelve different venues that are spread all over Japan. Fans of rugby will be so excited to see all of their favorite teams going head to head to see who the best team in the entire world is! The matches will be aired on television and online. The official Rugby World Cup website will have all of the information on where you can watch the games and what online sources will be airing the live games as well.

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