What are the rules of Test Cricket?

Do you know that the test cricket, just like any other cricket tournament has some rules that must be followed by the team or players if to win or advance to the next round? Today, we will share some and part of the rules in test cricket.

Ashes cricket rules

The play

The test cricket matches are played in whites. It is usually five different matches with 3 sessions of two hours each.

 During the match, there is usually a break called lunch that lasts up 45 minutes and comes between the first and second sessions. There is usually a tea break between the second and third session and this lasts for about twenty minutes. At the end of the match, which is usually at the end of the day, is called the stumps.


If the batting team scores some runs first, then the second batting team trails their score. If they succeed in trailing, then they become the leading but the batting team trails first and set the target. If the target fails, then it is called the innings defeat.

 If the trailing team gets out when the deficit is greater than 200, then the opponent teams give them or allow them to bat again, in what is called bowling.

If it is allowed to do so and still doesn’t make the required trails, then they face the innings defeat

 The match ends a draw if there is no result through the entire test.

Last Note

These are some of the rules that guide through deciding who to win the match. To understand more and learn about other existing rules consider subscribing to Ashes cricket live TV and watch the tournament. You will learn a lot by observing the real action.

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