How To Watch Detroit Lions Online with cable

Want to Stream Detroit Lions live? This will be easier than ever this year. If you have cable, you will be able to watch their games online as well. We will show you how to watch the Detroit Lions games with cable and online.

Watch Detroit Lions Online with cable

You can watch the NFL preseason online. You can watch on the nationally broadcasted channels. Those are CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN. There are Lions games that will be aired on local channels for the preseason. It all depends on your city and what channel the games will be on.

The NFL Network will have 14 of the preseason games live. They will also replay 65 preseason games all season long. This way will be the best option for you to watch Lions preseason games if you do not live in the area.

If you are a cable subscriber, you can watch the Lions play on CBS All Access online. They do offer a free one-week trial and then it is $10 per month for the commercial-free plan. If you have cable, you will be able to see the Lions play their season on ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NBC.

If you would rather watch the Detroit Lions play online instead of your television, but you have a subscription to a cable provider, this will be easy. CBS has an online site that you are able to watch if you log on to your cable provider account. Once you’re signed in, there should be a listing of all the games on cable, find the Lions and start watching. ESPN, FOX, and NBC are also options for you to watch Detroit Lions’ 2019-2020 season online too. Each network has a website that you can visit, log onto, and watch the games online with no problems. If you are encountering any blackouts due to your location, you may want to check out a VPN to override the locations for blackouts. With any of these options, you will be able to see every Lions game this year.

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