Minnesota Vikings NFL: Training Camp, Tickets, and Parking

Our ears have heard it enough that the NFL is closing in. While it is also an expectation to any Minnesota Vikings fan, that the team will excel in this tournament, it is also a no doubt that many are looking for the best way to watch the game.

Minnesota Vikings NFL: Training Camp, Tickets, and Parking

Many can argue that they can still watch the game on their cable TVs but a real fan who has been at any point in the stadium for a live game will doubtlessly recommend buying tickets.

The US bank stadium has a capacity of 5000. There are an available of 4000 ticket seating tickets and 1000 standing tickets. Reserved tickets are available cheaply as $15.

Parking parse

Many fans in the US own a private car and during the tournament, they will need a place to park their vehicle. If you are also among those fans and have been wondering where to get the best package, then you are also at the right place.

The parking tickets can be purchased digitally for $10 per ticket. This price is only applicable when reserved earlier. But for late reservations, you will end up paying $20.

The parking is located at the southwest corner of one lot known as Northland Ford Dealers.

Training camp

You can as well book the ticket and be able to watch the Vikings team train. The training tickets can be purchased from the red zone. They are also going at $15. This is a cheap and best way to see the Vikings get prepared to win the NFL.

Last note

So, we guarantee that you will have a parking space and a ticket. If you find it too difficult to access the tickets may be due to your reasons, you can consider Minnesota Vikings live to stream.

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