What Belts Does Deontay Wilder hold?

Deontay Wilder is an American Boxer who debuted in 2008, and since then, has fought about 44 bouts with a staggering record of 42-0-1. He has yet to lose even a single match, and only had a split-decision draw when he fought Tyson Fury back in December 2018.

As we speak, Wilder is awaiting the anticipated rematch between him and Fury that is expected to take place at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on 22nd February 2020.

Both fighters are very orthodox, and the first time we saw Wilder bringing down Fury two times. The astonishing part is when Fury came up strong and posed a threat to a tired-looking Wilder before the fight ended in a draw.

So, what’s on the line during the rematch between Fury and Wilder. What belt does Wilder hold?

Wilder’s Belt

Wilder holds the WBC Heavyweight Title that he won back in 2015 after beating Stiverne to become the American Heavyweight champion of the world. And so far, he has defended the title almost ten times without losing.

Even though he won the title after 12 rounds with a unanimous decision, Wilder is a heavy puncher who has knocked a lot of boxers looking to have a piece of the title recognition.

Next Fight of Wilder

Deontay Wilder’s fight with Tyson Fury in December 2018 ended in a split-decision draw. And after the fight, there were a lot of speculations from the media, promoters, and fans all over the world about the possibility of a rematch.

Sit back and wait! The rematch termed as Wilder vs. Fury 2 is going to happen in 2020, and we expect to see one of the most entertaining and anticipated boxing games of the decade.


Wilder defended his title with a defeat of Luis Ortiz and will be looking to defend it one more time against Tyson Fury who has a record of 29-0-1. That fight will determine who is the best heavyweight boxer among the two big giants of boxing.

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