Beginners guide to learn Golf

What started in ancient China and got modified in 1400 Scotland has become a global phenomenon. The sport is widely played by professionals and enthusiasts alike throughout the world. One interesting fact about golf is that you can never be too old to learn or play golf. So if you have been considering learning golf for some time now, you are in the right place. You might be the type who enjoys Masters Golf streaming and this has made you develop an interest in the sport.

This beginner’s guide will provide you with everything you need to know about golf (as a beginner). Note that you won’t automatically become the best in the world by reading this. That will take years of developing your skills in the game.

Golf Terms That You Have to Know

The perfect place to start this guide is to give you some important golf terms to learn, master and memorize (you don’t want to mistake the rough for the green when you are out with the boys).

  • Golf Tee: this is the wooden peg golfers place the ball on at the start of the hole.
  • Fairway: this is the part of the golf course that leads you to the green.
  • The Green: this is the plush area of land that surrounds the hole.
  • Bunker: this is a ditch filled with sand that surrounds the green.
  • The rough: this is the area on either side of the fairway that you can find trees and grass.

Here are some handful of tips that will help you as a beginner;

  • Ignore the fancy golf clubs, go for a club at mid-price.
  • When choosing a stick, go for the one with more loft.
  • Find golfs that are specifically made for beginners – don’t be ashamed of this too.
  • Get lessons from an experienced player
  • Perfect the short shots first.

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